Thornby Nature Park, NEW SIGNS!

   Is this an Outdoor Classroom? What is "The Treasure Tree"? Where does this old Indian Trail come from? These and many other questions may now be answered by reading our new informational signage, which is being placed throughout Deltona's EcoParks.  To begin this adventure, we have Thornby Nature Park, which is full of history and has quite a story to tell. For example: Archaeological samples indicate that a Second Seminole Indian War (1835-1842) fort was most likely at this location or to the east on the high Thornby Indian Mound, remnants of which are nearby the lake. The fort was near the intersection of several trails leading to St. Augustine, Smyrna and points to the Northwest. The mound was used for road bed and the cleared site later became a citrus grove. 

 Liz Schold of The Florida  Fish and Wildlife  Conservation Commission and Mr. Jerry Mayes, Manager of  Deltona's Ecological Tourism Sustainability recently toured the park to identify trees. (See image)

   Discover Deltona EcoParks. Reach back into a simpler time and share our towns' rich history with others. Learn more about local wildlife, vegetation and experience nature. Thornby Nature Park features a wide variety of native and heritage plants and trees. Built with ADA standards in mind, this trail may be accessed by almost anyone.  Learn about the "Treasure Tree" and explore remnants of the "Old Railroad Tressle" and other exciting things. Enjoy an outdoor Wedding Ceremony, or an educational event at our Outdoor Classroom as well.

  This unique outdoor classroom allows seating for 24, following the CDC guidelines of three feet distance from each other. These granite blocks serve as permanent fixtures in Thornby Nature Park, allowing a variety of groups to participate in a dynamic outdoor way of learning. Students will have their feet on the ground, experiencing the sights, sounds & smells of nature. Creating a fun, safe & memorable way of learning, Thornby Nature Park invites you to enjoy our ADA friendly Outdoor Classroom, Park, Trail and Playground.

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