Discover Deltona

Deltona is becoming one of the most ecological cities in the United States. It is pedestrian friendly and boasts many green and blue areas, not to mention the gorgeous nature surrounding it. So, when visiting Deltona, why waste your time inside of a car?

Here are 3 ecological ways to tour Deltona and its area:

Deltona by Foot

A great way to tour Deltona EcoParks is on foot, it's also the best way to live the life of nature loving Deltonians and meet some of them. They indeed love to show off their city on foot. 

Many walking tours are available for you to choose from. Some of the most popular include:

  • Best of Deltona, featuring favorite city sights; 
  • Thornby Nature Park, which takes you through 40 acres of pristine wooded property featuring  an all inclusive "Inspiration Playground" 
  • Three Island Nature Park, wooded trails which meander alongside Three Island Lake. Observation points connected by trails.
  • Audubon Nature Park, this passive recreational facility featuring nature trails and interpretive venues.

Deltona by Bicycle

Deltona has more than 100 miles of bike lanes and trails making cycling one of the best ways to take in the city. Many of these bikeways run right through the heart of Deltona's Nature Parks and past popular attractions, shops and restaurants.

Looking for a riding tour? We got you covered.

  • Bike Tours ride around the bridges, breweries, foodie destinations, trails and EcoParks of Deltona; 
  • The St. Johns River-to-Sea Loop (SJR2C; the Loop) is the longest multi-use loop trail underway through the American Southeast.
  • East Central Regional Rail Trail is the first paved 5.7-mile trail segment winds through green canopies of trees and unspoiled rural areas from the trailhead at Deltona's Lakeshore EcoVillage to State Road 415 in Osteen. The rest of the trail can be traveled by off-road bicycles.

Deltona by Blueways

A bit tired? Do you need to rest your feet but still stay eco friendy? Just grab a Kayak!

Kayaks and Canoes are eco-friendly means of transportation, serving locals and visitors through connected lakes. With Kayaks and Canoes, you won't be doing the pedalling—Rowing is the new take on the good old cycle rickshaw transportation. Canoes can carry up to two or three passengers, and they are a great way to add a bit of excitement and quirkiness to your Deltona adventures.